computer maintenance

5 reasons why computer maintenance is so important.

computer maintenance
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computer maintenance tips

1. virus and malware can affect your system.
Big issues come in a small pocket yes this is true virus and malware will affect your system and you might lose whole data due to that virus and malware which were infected by the hackers. contact us @+1-888-786-2111

2. Problem detection as soon as they going to be a big issue.
So you bought a new machine alright you think that your machine is totally new and it will last longer as they are bought today, it’s not true. A machine can have a problem at any time so you have to keep your machine scan by the troubleshooter before any big issue will harm your system.

3. Is your system slow? hold on you can make it run faster.
If you want to speed up your system then you have to regularly scan your system.follow the steps which will told by our technicians or else go through our up you cmd command prompt and type “%temp%” these are temporary files they will affect your computer to run slow after that go through the defragment option in your system run that defragments process, it will scan your system and will take some time to organise that files in proper vacant place of your system they will make your system optimized. contact us @+1-888-786-2111

4. Regularly update your antivirus software.
You never knew where and by which virus your system gonna hacked so keep updating your antivirus that will know new viruses and will protect from the new virus.

5. Software efficiency is a must.
I know you don’t want to slow down your computer so install that software which you use every day. don’t fill up your system by installing more unnecessary software. keep your system clean and storage free.

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