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3 security measures you have to use to secure your home network?

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Step1. Address of your network will be changed.
the default address of your network will be changed 1st because it is by default set by the network operator, also known as SSID(Service Set Identifier).

By changing your IP address no one will know which type of router you have.

Step2. Password will be unique and strong that nobody going to guess your wifi password.
Wifi name and password name both are by default set by the company so, you have to change that details. the password will be unique that it should be at least 20 characters long and include numbers, letters, and various symbols will be included.

Step3. Before leaving your home just turn off the wireless home network.
We strongly suggest you turn off your wireless network before leaving your home.

It’s advantages are:

Noise reduction:
some of the wireless networks are quite but some are not so it’s better to turn it off when you are not in your home.

Security reasons:
because of the security reason, you can turn it off, no one could be going to hack your wifi because they can’t search it.

Surge protection:
If you turn off your wifi before going outside you can save it from electrical damages.

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