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5 Common Computer Problems & Solutions. problems)
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1.Printing error.

It usually happens when you print continuously some pages at one time. There will be a notification right in the toolbar that your printer is facing some issues. Click on the right notification bar and check whether your printer had loaded some extra pages due to continuous print. it could be solved by canceling that print. right from the administrative panel of the printer, click on the icon and remove the print bug of the printer after that switch off your printer for 1minute. remove the pages and restart it. then start your previous pages to print.

2.Driver issues.

If you are using a new printer and you didn’t roll back the driver of the previous printer it can make an issue for printing pages by your new printer. just remove your previous driver and install the new driver from the driver cd or download from the manufacturing printer website either it will be from canon, brothers printer, HP printer or any other brand. and install it properly after that just switch to your new printer and your new printer is ready to use.

3.If system restore is not working.

This arises in many systems if their OS is not working or some file is deleted.
Try to restart your system in safe mode (press [F8]) by which your system restarts and it will automatically run in the safe mode. safe mode run faster if your operating system has some issues then go to system administration restore your files from any previous session. It will restart your pc after a boot and your pc will work fine.

4. Are media files missing in your system and you are unable to play your songs.

It happened mainly because media folder is somehow missing from your system try to retarget that media folder that checks weather songs are in that folder or not. refresh your media play or restart it your problem will be solved.

5. Fix your system driver problems.

If your system facing some driver issue just go to device manager and search for the file or refresh it, it will show some error message try to update the driver by connecting your system to the will download your error driver or update it from Microsoft website automatically. After that refresh, your drivers and your system are ready to use.

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