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5 essential computer maintenance tools

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These are the tools or software that can be used to run your Computer faster and safer. This software used for computer maintenance purposes.

  1. File cleaning and Optimization

Ccleaner is a software which is used to clean up your system. The temporary files, cache files which are of no use by this software you can do it easily and fastly. Your system gets optimized after that process because it deletes all temporary files which are in your system. We recommend it because it is the best-known software and we also recommend from our end.

  1. App uninstaller

Normally People are less take care of their system they use to work every time but they didn’t care a lot for their system. So’ here is one solution called Geek Uninstaller which is used to uninstall software from your system as well as it can clean up the remaining file of that software also.

  1. Anti-malware tool

Malware or virus issue is a big issue and it can’t be neglected. People are scammed by the different scamming process they will show you a virus in your system and your gadgets. For this and more severe than this virus issue you can have one malware detection software called Malwarebytes.

  1. In-depth system details

How can you know in-depth details of your computer? System details can’t be explained by its properties you can use Speccy to know complete details like CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, motherboard, and all details of your system.

  1. Analyzing your system disk space

You can analyze your disk space by defragmenting process of your system but when you start that process it optimizes its disk space.

So here is one solution WinDirStat is a software which can do wonders for your system, install it to know the details that how much data is occupied by which folder software etc.


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