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5 types of printers which are widely used

Types of printers
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Types of printers and their differences

Office Printers

Laser Printer

It was developed by Xerox in 1960’s. Laser printers are used in offices and are considered to be the most popular printing machine. Printers like brother printer, Dell printer, Canon printer, HP printer etc.


Cost effective than inkjet printers

Printing speed is high

Productivity is for large-scale

Best for business purpose



After many prints, it takes some warm-up time to reprint

It takes high voltage

Solid Ink Printers

It has a unique form of Ink technology, it is designed to save better space and money also. It melts solid ink due to which its color tones print vibrant color.


Friendly for our environment

It produces vibrant colors

Made from vegetable oils

Easy to handle design

Requires less storage


Requires more warm-up time to print

Prints are not laminated


LED Printers

It consists of LED “Light Emitting Diode” which are lighter than using laser printers. Due to fewer parts, it is often called an efficient and cost-effective printer.


Reliable and cost-efficient

Manufacture at less cost



Business Inkjet Printers:

Inkjet Printers are the most popular printer, it’s easy to use and will be used without giving any warm-up time.


Prints High definition and photo-realistic prints

Small size footprints

Takes less warm-up time



Higher cost than a laser printer

Wet prints

Less reliability than a laser printer


Home Office Printers


Developed in the 1950’s, Inkjet printers are widely used in Home and Office. They are capable of doing work in both of the areas. Inkjet printers are popular and it has fewer disadvantages.


Capable of printing realistic prints

Takes no warm-up time

Footprints are smaller



High cost (cost per page)

Printing is slow

Cartages warning if used continuously

Wet printing

All in One Inkjet

All in one printer are good to use they can print, scan and Fax also. Their printing quality is also good. They are used in most of the office and home also, easy to handle and multi-purpose use.


High-quality printing

Cost less (per page printing) and less cost to buy this machine

Power consumption is also less.



Wet prints

High running costs


Dot matrix

Dot matrix printers are old printing machine and are used in present days. It uses dots of ink which strike on paper.


Low-cost printing

Running cost is less

Maintenance cost is less

It works in all condition


Low-resolution printing


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