Networking Support

Setting up a new network, or thinking of expanding your current one? Talk to Network Support Services.

We are experts in designing and installing high speed networks for businesses just like yours.
You’ll soon have an efficient, up-to-date system running in your workplace. Your installation will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and planned out in advance to minimise disruption to your business. Afterwards, you’ll have our IT support technicians on hand, should your system ever need repairs down the line.+


  • Troubleshooting at Level ½ on VOIP/TDM/RF/FIBER Platforms & switches

  • Monitoring and doing initial activity to understand customer/vendor issues

  • Call issues – DTMF, Routing, OWA, DA, Quality issues

  • Trouble ticket management , performance management as per client tools

  • Handling tickets and responding as per SLAs

  • Dealing with Vendors (Termination Providers) for all type of technical issue through Mail or Live Chat.


We provide high quality network management supporting Fiber Optical Network and Submarine Optical network.

  • Routing switching protocols like BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP,MPLS, STP,IP, FTTH network etc
  • Configuring network Management tools such as PRTG, Syslog, Solar winds etc.
  • Network health and performance reports that are regularly generated to ensure you are receiving the service you need.
  • Managed security that mitigates viruses, worms, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and more.Built-in system redundancy.
  • Less time spent waiting for providers to trouble shoot issues or get back to you when service is not up to expectations.
  • Increased uptime coupled with less time to address issues.